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Customer Orientation : As HMA, our key criterion while steering our activities is customer requirements. Our fundamental principle is to understand our customers in every respect, to be capable of satisfying our customers’ requirements and to be aware of the importance of our customers at all times.

Reliability : The datum point of all our service processes is flow of correct information and acting in compliance with laws. In business relations, all HMA employees act within the framework of this principle and discipline and make no concessions on flow of correct information and acting in compliance with laws under any circumstances whatsoever.

Brand Value : Thanks to its reliable, fast and high-quality service and its customer-oriented boutique service concept, HMA succeeded to create its own brand value especially in German transport sector in spite of all conditions of competition.

Technological Progress : Being a must of our age, technological progress is implemented at all levels of our company. For the sake of making no concessions on service quality, our company spares no technological investments.

Continuous Growth : The growth of our company brings along our service diversity. Our goal is to be one of the leading companies of the logistics sector.