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HMA, together with its employees, aims at satisfying its customers and a healthy development, rendering service in universal quality and standards, being a symbol of reliability, continuity and prestige for its country, customers, partners and suppliers, and creating resources for continuous development.

  • Prioritizing employees’ motivation and loyalty,
  • Continuous training and development,
  • Systematically planning and developing individuals’ careers in line with organization’s needs,
  • Planning manpower and performing organizational backup,
  • Fair salary system and awarding,
  • Giving feedback to individuals about their performances,
  • Recruiting according to qualifications and needs,
  • Honoring employees in group and respecting personal rights in criticism,
  • Encouraging social and cultural activities.
  • Customer is our benefactor.
  • Our principal capital is our Human Resource.
  • Our objective is to develop continuously and create resources for development.
  • Our principle is to abide by supreme business ethics and honest working principles.
  • Our indispensable goal is to be the best at all times.
  • Our doctrine is to respect to the society and to the environment.
  • Our ideal is management according to goals.