Road Transport

By means of its self-owned fleet, HMA regularly renders full and partial transport service between Turkey and Europe. Our import and export partial outflows are realized every weekday. In line with customer demands, alternative transport services including door-to-door are offered. Our company HMA Spedition & Logistik is located in SAARBRÜCKEN, a strategic point in the triangle of GERMANY-FRANCE-LUXEMBOURG, a significant area for road transport. Expert dispatchers conduct pre-acceptance and distribution to our SAARBRÜCKEN customs warehouse and duty-free warehouse from all regions of Germany, PORTUGAL, SPAIN, FRANCE and BENELUX.

It is possible to ensure connection to big centers in Europe in less than 72 hours by means of our express trucks with two drivers in line with customer demands. Regular trips reaching to the most important destinations of Europe within a short time are organized.

By performing logistics analyses in line with customer demands in the textile sector, processes are developed and put into practice. Our facilities are fully equipped for the storage of any product from the field of textile. Our expert warehouse staff members carry out preparatory works for accepting, controlling, sorting, labeling, packing and shipping textile products in accordance with different customer requirements with the help of special equipment. Our trucks specially designed for transporting textile products with hangers ensure connection to big centers of Europe.

Our entire fleet is suitable for transporting flammable materials. We are capable of loading, safely transporting to the destination and unloading all flammable materials permitted by road transport laws. Our duty-free warehouses in Istanbul and Germany have conditions suitable for storing flammable materials. Moreover, all of our drivers and warehouse employees have received specialization training required for ADR loadings.